Industrial division

The Industrial Division ensures our customers an innovative system for the supply, stock management and automation of the whole logistics process. Today, in an ever-developing industrial scenario, a company wishing to maintain and expand its market share is required to reassess the buying and maintenance processes which it has adopted till now. When this occurs, low-price solutions are never the winning card. Rather, it is vital to find a supplier who can become a real partner for the company and who can guarantee a service which combines both solutions and products. Since the product is no longer the sole pivot of the manufacturer-distributor relationship, the ability of the distributor to coordinate and ensure fully effective warehousing and supply flows is what makes the decisive difference. Supply chain efficiency thus becomes a question of establishing a two-way working relationship to guarantee a correct exchange of information. The supplier must be capable of recommending the best technologies with a view to maximising results, customising services, optimising schedules and costs and, finally, offering a consultancy service for every specific case. All this is MORI Srl.


About Us

The MORI Srl remains true to its mission and objectives that arises thanks to the preparation of the Group, to periodic and ongoing coordinated update with big brands for which we are distributors or franchisees, the continuous research and experimentation.


MORI s.r.l. V.le Buonarroti, 6 - 26845 Codogno (LO)
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