History and tradition are the pillars of our company. What we are now able to offer our customers is the result of 80 years of presence, experience and know-how in the marketplace. All this has made of us an excellent term of reference in the field of industrial supplies and solutions.
The reason for the confidence that increasingly large numbers of companies place in MORI Srl has roots in a distant past, to be sure; but these roots are now nurtured by our present-day management team which has the ability to move with the times and hence grasp the needs of a market in constant evolution.

Since its founding in 1935, MORI Srl has developed from a strictly local company to one which has become well known and respected at the international level. Our aim is to keep growing in the same way that we have been doing up till now: that is, side by side with our customers and constantly updating our technology in order to anticipate and meet their demands.

MORI Srl remains loyal to its mission and goals. Every component of the group is highly motivated and committed to unstinting research and testing, and is regularly updated on developments of the great brand names of which we distributors or sole agents.

Becoming a customer of MORI Srl means guaranteed results. It means knowing that our management is at your disposal to search for and find timely and unique solutions. It means being properly informed about the latest news in the national and international markets. It means, in short, improved performance.



About Us

The MORI Srl remains true to its mission and objectives that arises thanks to the preparation of the Group, to periodic and ongoing coordinated update with big brands for which we are distributors or franchisees, the continuous research and experimentation.


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